“You won’t arri…


“You won’t arrive. It is an endless search.” – Sherwood Anderson

Searching for a career path in 2013 seems like a never-ending battle for recognition and responsiveness. For those lucky few that have a gig set up immediately after graduation, the post-graduate situation is a non-issue. Living at home and commuting, making enough to cover living expenses, and enjoying life are just bonuses to doing what you truly love. For others, the road to independence is bumpy, winding, and filled with pit stops. I write to you in balmy silence from a green oasis. A Little India, if you will. While it is not my first career choice, helping a new mother with household duties has taught me more about life than any book or office job ever could. I don’t plan on popping one out any time soon, but who knows when this could all come in handy ? Instead of searching for an endpoint, I’m learning to enjoy the search itself.

Feedings are every three hours. Instead of eating all their calories in one sitting, babies ingest calories periodically throughout the day.

Diaper rash is a given. You wear one, you get it. 

As I sharpen my previously non-existent housewife skills, I apply for jobs, study for group exercise certification, and keep up with the news. A friend of mine recently told me that if someone says they have it all figured out, they’re just faking it. That may be so, but as I keep searching (for a job, for an answer, for good people,) I’ll think of this as a pit-stop on the highway of life. After all, the more you look, the more you’ll find.

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