“That’s the problem with classrooms, you can’t tell if they’re on the fucking internet.”

There’s nothing to explain except for the luciferous stare that emanates from every male eye as they take the fast train to self-destruction. There’s a big lump in every man’s throat when they walk into an empty house, and there’s a later experiment that gets tested. It’s primary hypothesis is that there are only so many women in the world that want men as their partners. What are the rest of the men supposed to do ?

Herein lies the rub. These men are subjected to find love in the oddest of places : a pub bathroom, a hardware store, or a prison cell. Men like each other’s company, but it remains to be seen how far they’ll go to obtain the coveted physical intimacy that they lack now that women are on the up-and-up in Western societies.

“It’s so fucking good. Style, everything. It’s fucking crazy !”

It’s bizarre and demoralizing to assume that the men who are left to fend for themselves on this earth are merely byproducts of feminism. They are the lost and forgotten few, and they’re no less human than the women who champion their own cause. Surely, not all of them are chauvinistic pigs.


“Manism” as defined by the urban dictionary : The law giving men the right to act as they please.


This is the epitome of chauvinism : Believing that the group one belongs to, be it of sex, creed, or color, is automatically superior to another’s.

Can feminism be chauvinistic ?


There’s Betty Friedan, the second-wave feminist that loved to hate on men. And there’s raunch culture that Betty Friedan could’ve never imagined. Girls Gone Wild, CAKE, Playboy… Did you know that  Christie Hefner ( Hugh Hefner’s daughter ) is the former CEO of Playboy ?


Enough about chauvinism. Let’s spell it out loud and clear : feminism is no more righteous than the Bush administration if the core tenets of it are to hate the other sex and not view them as Human.

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