Waiting vs. Doing


Today I ventured to the Apple store to fix my computer, which has been on the fritz for the past couple of months. I had a talk with the Genius (who said he was embarrassed to wear a name tag with the appellation) and learned that computers need to be shutdown at least once a week so that they have time to recover. Much like humans, if they don’t get that down time, they’ll start acting wacky. 

Comparing humans to computers is just one sign that time is moving quickly. Can you keep up ? If not, the doers are going to be getting all the worms while you’re contemplating what to wear tonight.


There are the waiters, and there are the doers. 


Then there are all the people in between who wait in between doing. Tasks take up energy, and sometimes we need to reboot in between each process to accomplish the goal we set out to complete. Self-care and a balanced lifestyle (sleep, diet, socialization, fitness, etc.) make for a high-functioning body & mind.


And don’t forget the soul. Putting passion into daily tasks makes you remember them more–it’s been proven–and can eventually lead to a more purposeful life. Instead of finding meaningful things to do, sometimes it can help to give meaning to the things you already do.


Are you a waiter, a doer, or somewhere in between ?


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