“Get married. H…


“Get married. Have a quiver full of kids if you can. Some people could marry but choose to take more time… They’re going to miss so much of living, I’m afraid.” – Mitt Romney’s speech to Southern Virginia University’s graduating class ’13

What’s a quiver ? This quote is comically misplaced, much like Romney’s political career. It’s as if an alien descended on Earth romney and decided to give a commencement speech using book-learned English. Can someone please make a movie out of this ? Romney has to be saying these things for kicks. There is no way he truly thinks young people will know what a quiver is. The full article is a reminder to all of us that even though the man in the white house is not top-notch, he may just have turned out to be the lesser of two evils.


One thought on ““Get married. H…

  1. “Every one of you here today as a graduate can live an abundant life,” he told the students. “Every single one of you. You will not all be rich and famous and powerful, but each of you can live an eminently successful, rewarding, abundant life.”

    Is this part of The American Dream or the whole of it? 😀

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