The Second Boston Massacre


America has known so many senseless tragedies, and for what ? It is a young, restless country with a less-than-perfect past and a fuzzy future. It may not be wise, but it is here.

I returned from Boston less than 24 hours ago with a light heart. Bean town is a small city with enough history to keep you from losing interest. It’s that colonial charm that gets you to stick around in this nitty, gritty city.

ImageYesterday, my friend and I strolled past the marathon finish line just hours before it was blown up by two bombs this afternoon. But this post is not about me. It’s about the people who are total badasses and ran a marathon. The ones that died or got injured. The ones that ran to the hospital to give blood instead of finishing the race. The ones that helped make the situation less terrible.

Like many media moguls have noted today, it’s important to only report what you know. We still don’t know what–or who–set the bombs off, and the JFK library explosion is unrelated. Props to the brave people. You never know when a passerby will turn into a martyr.


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