Down with Food Porn


My greatest internet weakness is food blogs. See, boredom used to propel me to go on my WordPress reader and RSS feed to check out the latest dishes random people had made in their kitchens, and then proceeded to devour. This was me trying to be rational, trying to counter my consumer impulse to buy by eating with my eyes.

Is it possible to be addicted to food porn ? Yes, yes it is. At my last job, I would send my boss links of food porn weekly until he said I had an obsession. He wasn’t half-wrong; I would look at pictures of dishes and discover new recipes until lunchtime. Don’t worry, I still got my work done. Instead of schmoozing on Facebook, though, I would look at creative concoctions and send them to people, hoping they got the hint and that some fresh pumpkin tiramisu would be waiting for me when I came over at the end of the week.

So eventually, I realized that my boss had a point. This was an odd hang-up. It would be a better use of my time to find things that contribute to my well-being instead of leaving me disappointed with the lack of gourmet goodies in front of me. The technological addiction had a deeper root, as well.

Victor Frankl says that we are driven by our most basic desires when our lives are lacking meaning and purpose. I pondered my situation and realized that outside of my 9-5 existence, I was not helping anyone or working towards a larger goal. I vowed to dedicate my time spent staring at aioli casserole and cayenne chorizo to making some kind of difference in my community. I was arrested in development, too focused on my own little bubble and not enough on the world around me. Once I got home, I enrolled in a volunteer program and started tutoring people. Ever since, I’ve been enjoying my food more and salivating in front of screens less. That, in my book, is progress.


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