For all those that are more evolved than I am, I wish you the best of luck in making this world a better place.  If you can’t beat them, join them.  When you walk out of the cave, the first thing you’ll notice is that the light is too bright to see anything clearly enough, and then after your eyes adjust you’ll realize that your vision has been permanently damaged from overexposure to the light.  Like the worm that wants to crawl out of its hole, we are just pea-brained organisms, and our hubris is our huge egos.  We can’t admit that there’s something more evolved than us out there, even though it’s plain that there is.  Even if you can’t see it, you should just bank on the existence of a higher power, because its really all we’ve got to live for.  Really, though, God is everywhere.  You may not find him as easily in the concrete jungle because there are so many crevices and alleyways to hide in.  Where you’ll find him is in the real jungle.  God’s favorite color is green.

The transmogrification of social norms is nearly radicalized via laughter, disdain, and nonchalance. Nowhere else have I seen lovers murdered and killers coddled. The continuity of our lives depends on so much more than the basics. Survival is frugal–it only expends effort if the components are valid. Life itself is fugal because it links with death long before we are even aware that we exist. Once this painful reality is brought to the forefront of our consciousness, we slip further and further from our established notions of ourselves, much like declarations of freedom during times of war.

History keeps repeating itself over and over so that these rallying cries become the rule of law for those that are not subject to any other rule, effectively creating a body politic of their very own. As schematic outliers, they find their raisons d’etre in their passionate outspokenness, their lively practices, and their harbinger of peace–namely, the giant white elephant that nobody in the room dares to acknowledge for fear of upsetting the teetering tower of playing cards. The elephant’s name is love.


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