In every girl’s life, there comes a time when she will sit down and, putting all the pettiness and bullshit aside, ask herself “What is it that you want?”  And when I say ‘want,’ I mean : what does your heart desire the most?  For some women this may be money, jewels, the fastest car in the world.  For others it may be a mate and children that will stand by her and offer her the stability that she never had.  For some it may even be to renounce all worldly possessions and live a life of service to those who are desperately in need of food, clothing, or shelter.

Whether we turn into carbon matter or evolve into more enlightened beings, there is no doubt that we all strive for something in life. It may be fortune, it may be fame, it may be writing the rules of the game. Remaining hopeless in the darkest of days is a mistake. To work for more in the existence you were given–more for all–is a path to greener grass on your side of the “fence”.

What with globalization, they are trying to make the grass greener for everyone. That plan has backfired. It seems like nowadays, only the fabulously wealthy understand the value of money in this system, and very few of them at that. That is why they remain at the top. It’s self-interest, not rocket science. But in a different system, humanity and culture actually mean something, and they are prized far more than bullets and bombshells. Militarism is a symptom of the current system’s faults, and yes, it’s true that every system has its faults. The military-industrial complex is composed of billions of dollars invested into millions of prison blocks, employing hundreds of thousands of people who guard hundreds of innocent people serving life-long sentences. And that’s not to mention the sparser numbers of people (such as Bradley Manning) that are subject to capital punishment every year in the United States of America. All it takes is one voice to spread the word.

The more we all aspire for something greater or more infinite than ourselves, the more we add to the potential indomitability of the human spirit. I see it in the future, and I know we can get there if we all could only just help each other out a little. Filling in each others’ gaps, lending each other a hand in times of trouble, listening in times of despair. The current system started with government, but that does not mean other paths do not exist. This time it can start with us, because this time is different. This time it’s 2012, and the world is our oyster. Let’s eat it, fertilize the soil, and then plant the seed for a new system in which the grass is as green as possible for as many people as possible and the Manichean dilemma is transformed into one involving redemption and immortality, or at least the closest possible alternatives.


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